Inflatable Air Antennas, for Ham, Military & Shortwave
We supply these antennas in various frequencies, VHF, UHF, GMRS/FRS, PMR, TETRA, & now HF for SSB & CW,  due to the lightweight, waterproof & excellent performance, to suit Ham, Marine & Emergency Rescue Sectors.  These Air Antennas are created using the same material as life saving jackets, extremely durable, & a critical part for personal equipment, if your service requires these in specific frequencies, please get in touch, excellent global customer feedback, from Mountain Rescue Teams, Ham Radio, Marine customers.
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All Air Antennas are lightweight, 400g for portable use!
V2 Ham Dual Band.webp
V2 Ham Dual Band 2m/70cm *New Review in April 2021 Practical Wireless Magazine!  

The next generation of the Dual Band antenna. The V2 ham dual band base & portable 2m/70cm Tx & Rx antenna, 144-148MHz & 430-440 MHz (440-450 MHz USA), 125 watts, & now with extended Rx, 118-160MHz, 380-450Mhz for AirBand & PMR listening, VSWR 1:3:1, now with gain 5dBd, waterproof, 450 grams, 1.66m, 6m cable to PL259. Featured in Practical Wireless! Designed & created by Tom Free UK Shipping                                                                                                                                                                                                     


BlackKnight Airshow.jpg
New V3 BlackKnight RX  MilAir Antenna

The V3 BlackKnight military & civil RX antenna, excellent global feedback, selling to many countries, low noise ratio, now covers 118-137 223-243-289-315-358-399MHz with 15MHz +/- B/Width, This is a dedicated Civil & Military RX antenna, with 8 resonant spots on key UK/EU & US military frequencies, waterproof, 1.65m, 400grams, lightweight, 6m to BNC connector. A top performing antenna for RX MilAir.

The BlackKnight Rx Antenna, is exclusive to Air Antennas. Re-designed by RadioGeek Tom, Nov 2020


Radio User magazine review out now!  August issue, Best Selling MilAir RX Antenna. Excellent customer feedback!  Free UK Shipping                                                                        


HF RX.jpg
HF V4 Quad Band  20/17/30/40m Antenna
Built to order - Please allow 3 weeks for delivery to UK, EU & USA may take longer -  our RadioGeeks V4 20m/17m/30m/40m Quad HF Band inflatable base or portable Air Antenna. 120Watts, Tx & Rx on 18MHz, 14Mhz, 10MHz & 7Mhz, 'resonant on 20m, (14MHz) band', always use ATU for perfect match, 1.65m, 3.5m low loss RG58 cable to PL259, lightweight & waterproof for SOTA use. Perfect for Yaesu FT-817/818 & Icom IC-705, can be used as base, built for performance & durabilty. An exclusive product for RadioGeeks. Created & fully tested by Radiogeek Tom, We recommend an ATU for perfect tuning,Free UK Shipping 'No more long tangled wire antennas', no radials, just a true portable HF Tx & Rx Antenna! Only 5ft when inflated! , Great for SOTA SSB/CW, portable & base use! See live videos on Twitter feed @RadioGeeks_UK of 1,600 miles QSO's, using this Antenna indoors on 5 watts !! 
RadioGeeks All in One.jpg
RadioGeeks All In One Base Antenna
Available end of April - New design 'All In One' Antenna, will Tx & Rx on 2m/70cm Ham Bands, 150 watts, VSWR <1:3:1, No ATU required, 3dB gain on VHF, 5dB on UHF, 3ft length, military grade solid stainless steel thick whip, IP Rated, fully waterproof, multi band tuned coiled base unit with SO239 at base, supplied with wall fixing bracket, will superbly receive all military & AirBand frequencies, will also cover Marine, TETRA, PMR & FM broadcast frequencies, 68-108MHz, 118-137MHz, 140-149MHz, 150-174MHz, 220-480MHz, 'Outstanding performance' 
RadioGeeks are an approved distributor for Nagoya Antennas
Beware of cheap fake antennas sold on ebay as 'genuine', they will destroy your radio, and are very bad quality, Click on the Nagoya picture, for real v fake information
RadioGeeks Nagoya Approved.jpg
RG Mod = RadioGeeks Modified, We are antenna specialists, we rewind the base coils of the Nagoya range, to extend the Tx & Rx of these antennas, making sure all VSWR & Gain, is optimum for your handheld radio or scanner.. All RadioGeeks antennas are fully tested by Tom, on our Sitemaster Analiser, 
RadioGeeks NA-773RGMOD 2.jpg
Nagoya NA 771b.jpg
Nagoya NA-773/RG MOD

Frequency: Tx & Rx 144/430MHz,

RG Modified Extended RX 118-174, 220-250,380-450MHz 
Gain: 2.85db 
Max power: 15Watts
V.S.W.R: Less 1.5
Impedance: 50 OHM
Connector: SMA- Male or SMA Female available
Length: Normal 115mm / extended 412mm
Weight: 42g
    Free UK Shipping                                                                  


Nagoya NA-771/RG 2m/70cm Antenna

Now with extended Rx, by 'RadioGeeks' 118-160Mhz, for AirBand listening

Tx & Rx frequency band 144/430 MHz, gain 2.65 dBi, nominal impedance 50 ohm, V.S.W.R ≦1.5:1, Max Power Rating 10 watts, polarization linear vertical, connector type SMA male or female. Antenna Length 396±2 mm


Our best selling booster antenna, for Ham & now Airband! 


Free UK Shipping                                                                                                                                      


RadioGeeks/Nagoya NA-771/RG/BNC MOD 2m/70cm, BNC Male MilAir Antenna

Available Now - RadioGeeks have partnered with Nagoya, to bring you an exclusive 771/Mod portable antenna. It will cover Tx & Rx on the normal 2m/70cm Ham bands very well, but now our modified version, will cover ALL UK/EU & USA Civil & Military Aircraft Frequencies.


118-160Mhz, 202-295MHz & 320-500Mhz for AirBand, Military, PMR & Marine listening,

Now with BNC Male, to fit top scanners UNIDEN etc..

Tx & Rx frequency band 144/430 MHz, gain 3dBi, nominal impedance 50 ohm, V.S.W.R ≦1.4:1, Max Power Rating 15 watts, polarization linear vertical, Length 396±2 mm Free UK Shipping                                                                                                                                 


Nagoya NA-805-3/RG MOD Antenna
Nagoya NA-805-3 SMA Female.jpeg
Nagoya SMA Male NA-805-3.jpg

The Nagoya NA-805-3/RG is a tri-band 2m/70cm/23cm & Air antenna with an SMA female or SMA Male connector for your multi-band handheld two way radio.

  • Genuine Nagoya antenna - We are approved suppliers - Great for short range repeater & QSO work

  • 144/430/1200MHz Modified by RG to cover RX on AirBand 118-137MHz & 380-450MHz

  • 0.5 dBi gain

  • 4.5 cm height

  • 15g weight

  • Max power 15W

  • Impedence 50 ohms

  • V.S.W.R. less than 1.5:1

  • Perfect for multi-band amateur & AirBand HTs                                                     £9.00

Perfect Antenna for Hot Spot!

ADS-B/MODE-S Antennas, for Civil & Military Aircraft Tracking
ADS-B Aircraft Tracking.jpg
ADS-B Tracking.jpeg

ADS-B/Mode-S Window Antenna

ADS-B Antenna.jpg
Tuned to be resonant on ADS-B & Mode-S frequencies,  978, 1030 & 1090MHz, with adhesive attachment, for indoor/outdoor window, IP rated, fully waterproof
Connector: SMA Male
Gain: 7dBi
Radiation pattern  Omni 
Maximum power: 25W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Cable Length: 2.5m LL100 low loss
Free UK Shipping                                             
ADS-B Antenna.jpg
Air 'Traffic' ADS-B/Mode-S Antenna
A top performing ADS-B/Mode-S antenna, excellent customer feedback, for global aircraft monitoring, resonant on 978,1030 & 1090MHz
  • IP Rated, fully waterproof
  • 16in overall length
  • Easily mountable, with included bracket
  • Supplied with 5m Low Loss RG58/U to SMA Male connector 
  • 5db Gain                                                     Free UK Shipping                                                                                                     £29.00
RadioGeeks Shark Fin ADS-B

The RadioGeeks 'Shark Fin' antenna, is specifically designed for ADS-B, & Mode-S Aircraft monitoring. It has a 180 degree 'sky sweep', & we have tuned this antenna to be optimum at 978MHz, 1030MHz, & 1090MHz, for global coverage. The antenna has a 12dB Gain, on these frequencies, and is fully IP rated, waterproof, and comes complete with wall fixing bracket, 170mm x 147mm, has SMA female connection at base

  • 12dB gain

  • 147mm height

  • 230g weight

  • Max power 50watts

  • Impedence 50 ohms

  • V.S.W.R. less than 1.3:1

  • Perfect for multi-band MilAir Tx & Rx

  • You will need SMA Female to SMA Male cable, we recommend LMR400 or RG58 if below 5m run Free UK Shipping 


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